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Maturity Frameworks…Boring! The Art in IT…Exciting!

Yet they are hooked at the hip!  I love the work of the Innovation Value Institute (IVI –!  They are clever people doing things cleverly.  Their focus is to turn IT operations into innovative and valuable players in Team Business.  And that is exactly what we want not?  We need IT to contribute.  We need IT to make a difference that matters.  We also need IT to be recognised for its value to the organisation.


And that is exactly where IVI is playing.  Their recently released body of knowledge is an excellent measuring stick by which we may line ourselves up.  It’s called the IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) and I ordered myself a copy as soon as I learnt about IVI and this piece of brilliance.


However. Yep, there is a catch. As with other frameworks (ITIL, Zachman, TOGAF, Prince2, etc.) it is only a framework.  It is a paradigm.  Once hooked to the prescribed process, the inevitable constructs of progress, you are in for some boring hard work.  AND it does not guarantee success.


There is the anecdotal tale of the head honcho at Dodge, somewhere on a road trip, having an epiphany that changed the face of his business.  At the time Dodge was offering only the sorts of things that their consumer research showed was safe business (read following the paradigm).  Yet this man had a brainwave, an inspired vision, of what was required to make his company relevant again.  And that was the beginnings Dodge Viper (  You will understand that he didn’t come up with an idea and then the rest of Team Dodge went “Hey, presto!”.  Nope, he had to do some really hard manoeuvring to push the project though.  But in the end it was a stroke of brilliance that saved his company in many ways.


Okey, so what?  Here’s where you come in.  The IT Artist.  The one who can do art with IT.   I’ve maybe lost some of you now but stay with me!  This is important.


Evaluating yourself with something as comprehensive and relevant like the IT-CMF will only get you so far.  You will still be challenged with deciding what the heck is the most important bits to fix in your organisation and then also deciding what are your breakthrough strategies going to be to let the good light shine on your shop.


And this is where you matter most.  You, and this may include some of your most trusted colleagues, will as a matter of practical reality be the catalyst for positive change in IT.  You are the one.


I believe you can do this. How?  By trusting your gut.  You have not come this far by luck.  You have come this far by working hard, by being clever, by learning from experience fast.  You know the drill.  And now your IT shop needs you to do what is required to come up with the good stuff that really matters.


If you need help with a capability assessment, or some inspiration for a breakthrough strategy, or both, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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