Albus Consulting Limited | Heading into the ‘Silly Season’
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Heading into the ‘Silly Season’

For most of us heading into the ‘Silly Season’ offers an opportunity to unwind, relax, and potentially reflect on the year gone past.  There would be things that happened this year that will pull a smile and there would be things that are cringe-worthy.  On the whole I trust you had a good year with some substantial progress being made!


Is there any real value in these contemplative moments?  For sure there is! Maybe the key thing that tends to happen during quiet introspection is the opportunity to match your actions with your inner compass.  Look at what actually happened and what you had meant to happen.


Why is this important?  Well, in the final analysis, precious few of us really don’t care.  And research shows us that those who care about what they do are much better at it than the rest.


Why would that be?  My observation is that caring about an outcome means that your inputs or investments are aligned with what really matters to you.  You have skin in the game.  It naturally provides an edge, an extra energy, to your participation.


Continuing with our contemplative theme for the moment, I find that most people are motivated by what they believe need to happen with something.  Some of us may believe in a job well done, some of us may believe in scientific achievement, some may believe in social values and yet others in may believe solely in individualised, personalised success, and so on.  I know what I believe in.  Pull that apart and you’ll discover that the word ‘believe’ has somehow become part of the discussion.


So what?  It strikes me that each of us have to belief in something to be a success.  What do you believe in?  If you have found that thing that matters dearly then consider it closely and with care.  Are you truly going to be better off for having that belief? Yes? Then respect it, treasure it.  It will be the single greatest influence in your success story, year in and year out.  No? Discard it and start searching.


Finally, some eager beavers may already be planning for the new year.  Let’s hope they know what they believe in!  Or else that may spawn some inane behaviour.


Have fun and a good break all!  🙂

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