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Mobility, Big Data, Social, Cloud! Quo Vadis?

Hype this and hype that. Whatever.  It soon is hip no more.  So what is really important to know now about the current hype? Give me the keys to the next few months and years…  Yep, can do.


So we are mainly in the midst of what calls the 3rd Platform. They have some really cool analysis about it, how it will change the world we live in, how we will make money and live better through it. has described similar patterns.  The interesting bit about future casting though is that more often than not it is recognising rather than shaping the way we will live.  And is really valuable, specifically from risk management and opportunity spotting perspectives.  Yet what will shape our lives in the near future is a bit more of a mystery.


Now tell me, what do you think is the two main things for me to keep an eye on to stay relevant in the current flux?  Easy, really, but probably not obvious mind.  Especially if you look at the volume of prediction out there.  But what if it in fact does make obvious sense?  What if it is self-evident?  What if I explain it to you and you can see it just as clearly as I can?


Here are the two main things that will keep you and your IT teams, your investment portfolio busy for the next few years:


  • Self Centred Service – If there is one trend that you can shape to, no matter your technology stack or history, it is towards providing your customers with a self centred experience. Providing the customer with intelligence that serves her selfish desires is a good thing.  I have not encountered anyone since the advent of iPhones that have not willingly compromised their privacy for the sake of convenience.  That is such a massive marker pointing towards the current and future reality.  I’d be careful not to attempt to offer people Marty McFly type ‘in your face’ advertisement that lives off user profiling.  People do not appreciate that.  At the same time offering them a personalised experience, in other words, an experience they have customised to their own liking, will be a key differentiator (it already is) that will very soon become the gold standard for consumers at large.  It will be the precursor to self centred innovation which will naturally flow from pervasive investment in self centred service.  And if you think it through you can probably do it with the use of whatever technology stack you have inherited.  All of the 3rd platform, Mobility, Big Data, Social, Cloud, support this one thing – Self Centred Service.


  • Security – You simply cannot imagine the investment that goes into breaching security. Also, for self centred service to flourish you have to address security at every technology layer.  Security is the big hygiene factor for any IT initiative going forward.  If you get that wrong everything will come crumbling down.  Exactly what security means for you is unfortunately very dependent on your technology stack.  But remember that just as the advent of handguns invalidated the ages of technological development around personal armour in the middle ages, so your security profile is daily at danger of being completely invalidated due to rapid new development.  Hence, this is where a substantial chunk of your cash needs to be focused.  Also, another area of security it is hard to over invest in, is user nous.  In the end the crux of any security system is the concept of trust.  Meditate on this for a while and you’ll realise that the human element is invariably the weakness, or strength, of any security system to date.  Educate. Your. Users. Equip them too.


That should cover it.  😉


Talk to us if you need to.

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