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Technology changes things…right?

I am fascinated with how technology changes our world.  Both in pace and scope.  A popular technology comparison that is made at the moment is that of the ‘Back to the Future’ franchise, since 21 October 2015 is nearing.  You can digress and look at this link if you want a full catalogue of comparisons.  I don’t however want to focus on that, but would like to ask a question with far more practical implications today.


This question: “How do we adopt technology?” is of particular importance to the enterprise.  Why?  Well the answer will help you sell your wares more successfully or help your internal customers adopt your change so much more easily.


My observation is that when technology suits us, is when we adopt it quickly.  That is a no-brainer you might argue but unfortunately I see many people not realising the depth and impact of that statement.


Let me illustrate:  I recently watched a TV programme where a senior police official watched a rescue mission on his computer screen with the help of a live camera feed from one of the SWAT team’s helmet mounted camera.  That is current technology.  However, interestingly enough the police official was watching from his plush, but very low tech office.  He sat in an old leather chair at a leather inlaid darkwood desk, wearing a normal looking suit.  Then, when he had finished watching the heroics on screen, he stood up and closed the lid of the laptop on his desk. Afterwards he sipped whiskey from a basic glass on a silver looking tray.  And if you looked carefully at that point you would be hard pressed to point out the technology in the room.  Very, very different from what Marty McFly experienced in his visit to 2015!


And that’s my point.  We are creatures of comfort and habit.  We want whatever we believe will help us to find the shortest route to what we see as our happiness and success.  So, until such time as a disruptive technology changes the way we imbibe our favourite drinks for instance, a glass would probably be seen as the best way to do it.  And a tray to carry and organise the glasses with. And so on.


So what?  Well, change management comes to mind.  I am a fan of Dr. John P. Kotter and you can find more details on his 8 step process for change here.  The key step in his work though, in my humble opinion, is creating a sense of urgency.  So what, again? Well this is where a keen understanding of our customers’ self-interest needs to be had, and this is where the change artist differentiates herself from the change blunderer.


If you find that very important step sometimes too hard, then you are certainly not alone! So, why not give us a call to discuss.  We are passionate about technology and how it benefits businesses and business people and would love to share our insights with you.

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