Albus Consulting Limited | One of the most exciting (or terrifying) opportunities of today
Business value, IT, Business Intelligence, data, mobility, user inerface
Business value, IT, Business Intelligence, data, mobility, user inerface
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One of the most exciting (or terrifying) opportunities of today…

One of the most exciting (or terrifying) opportunities of the modern digital day is the opportunity for the modern business to, more easily than ever before, connect with their customers.  This has mainly happened through divorcing of the user interface from the precious business data.  So what, one may ask?


Well, you want to reach your target audience, in a way that they are willing to engage in.  Recently there was much talk about ‘digital immigrants’ versus ‘digital natives’ and while that helped to illustrate of the latest changes that affect us all differently, it fails to capture the tsunami of digital use that is enveloping all of us at this time.  My mother-in-law (well into her 80’s) is now becoming proficient in using Skype, has been using Facebook for some time, is asking me questions about accessing file sharing services.  She is far from unique.  It helps to understand that, in my view, the reason for the rapid and proficient uptake of digital technology is the fact that technology has at last crested the steep hill of ‘human friendliness’ and is now starting a headlong rush to all round acceptance.


So what does this means for my competitive advantage, you might ask?  Well, if done right, your competitive advantage will now be coming online right there where your constituency is focused, mainly on their personal mobile devices.  Sounds good and easy. But, how does this become real?  Well the secret to this connection to your clients and customers lies in your data.  Over years you have built up store of best practices that has consistently satisfied your customers, or else you would have been forced out of business, voted out by popular opinion.  But you haven’t, you are in your business providing daily that which makes the people come back to you for more.  The key to this realisation is that you have over the years stored your experiences, victories and lessons, in the data that you currently hold in your databases.


Whereas in the past you would have had to pay all sorts of expensive expertise to access your own data successfully, it has now become much easier.  And cheaper.  The old ways of accessing your data has now been superseded by newer, easier, more powerful means of giving even the smaller operation unique opportunities to present their data to customers in a format that suits them much better.


If you don’t do this right you will be left behind by your competition. Or lose touch with your constituency.


Now, there are many ways in which we can make this happen, but it will depend a bit on someone understanding this, your data and your market, and then helping you find the right fit for your organisation.  Give us a call and we can discuss this with you.


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