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Albus Starts Business

As with all things worth writing about there is a story behind the establishment of Albus Consulting Limited.  There is a few places one may start but I will start at the core reason for our existence.  At the heart of Albus Consulting is the desire to help people in New Zealand in need of practical advice and help in IT.  And not everything IT.  We realised some time ago that most IT advice coming from big vendors and consultancies were based on a sound understanding of enterprise IT practice.  More specifically enterprise IT practice as implied by standards like TOGAF, CoBIT and ITIL seek to cater for what may be defined as large enterprises.  Large enterprises are not the standard in New Zealand.  If that’s the case, how does the ‘big’ standards like TOGAF, CoBIT and ITIL apply to smaller enterprises?  And that points to one of the main reasons for forming Albus.


In Albus we have experience with the enterprise standards and have experience in making them work, for large, medium and even for smaller enterprises.  One has to understand the detail and focus of these industry standards to be able to distil them to usable bits of advice.  And that we do.  From this perspective Albus focuses on three core areas of expertise which offers help for practical IT situations.


These are:

  1. Strategic advice – taking the standards at a pragmatic level we offer assessments of activities and operations as well as advice on ‘where to from here’ given your circumstances.
  2. Solutions design – Solution options and development approach, business case development, and solution execution through to a quality conclusion.
  3. Microsoft platforms – end to end advice on the most common Microsoft technologies, like Office applications, SharePoint, CRM, Business Intelligence and data warehousing, bespoke applications and so on.


It is our aim to explain in the upcoming blogs what further makes us useful for New Zealand sized operations.  It is our view that the focus on applying industry standards pragmatically will differentiate Albus from several of its competitors.

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